Global timber trade and legality legislation

Wednesday, May 15th 2013. 13:00-21:00 in Cologne, Germany

Conference context:

On 3rd March 2013, the “European Timber Regulation” (EUTR) came into force. Companies placing wood and wooden products into the European Union market must practice due diligence to ensure that illegally sourced products are excluded from the market. Despite the fact that new legislation has already come into force, many affected companies still have a lack of information and others are unsure as to whether the measures they have in place meet the new legal requirements.
FSC Germany, TRAFFIC and ATIBT have joined forces to host a conference on “Global timber trade and legality legislation“.
With the support of international experts representing a range of organisations, the business sector and government authorities, we will present information about the EUTR, the status of the FLEGT VPA process and the tools available to help companies meet the new legal new standard.
In the first session of the half-day conference, experts from the EU commission, competent authorities, NGOs and candidate monitoring organizations will give an overview of the first few weeks of the EUTR implementation. The second session will focus on questions relating to operational matters. We will present different instruments which are available to companies, such as: third party certification, VPA and CITES licenses, systems providing legality verification and useful tools to implement a due diligence system. We will also spotlight the regions of the world where large volumes of wood and wooden products are sourced for import into the EU. A panel discussion involving companies trading in South America, Africa and Asia will take place, to examine the current situation, any problems and ways to address them. A reception will be held at the end of the conference where there will be an opportunity to network, exchange information and initiate discussions.
Further information about the conference and the agenda is available from where a registration form can also be found. Please register as soon as possible, there are limited places and there is a lot of interest for this event already. Please note that the conference will be held in English.

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